Reason 3: Just the right temperature.

Not too cold, not too warm

The question of questions: Do toe socks help against cold feet? 

But also: Can toe socks keep feet cool? The answer is always yes. The reason is quite simple and is called Thermoregulation.

This is something our body does naturally - and our feet play an important role. But conventional socks often intervene in the wrong place... What do toe socks do instead?

How do toe socks strengthen your feet?

Step 1: Separate the toes.

Yes, it's that simple, and this one detail can make such a difference: separate toes can move much more naturally, contributing to a balanced microclimate.

Barefoot runners can tell you a thing or two about it: Feet that move naturally react much faster to the surrounding temperature and are neither too damp nor too cold. The former because sweat can evaporate in the heat and the latter because the toes can move freely and, in the cold, also supply the body with blood. But first things first...

Step 2: Support cooling.

Toe socks help the foot to sweat in the right way. This means that moisture is trapped in the sock and the skin stays dry and well ventilated. The sweat doesn't accumulate, so the foot is actually cooled. And the feet are - yes, in socks - well cooled.

Step 3: Choose the right shoes.

Do you suffer from cold feet? Don't make the mistake of wrapping them in thick "tube socks" so that they can't move (see step 1). This only feels good for the first few minutes - but then you start to sweat, the moisture stays between your toes and cools there. The result: even colder feet.

The separated toes, on the other hand, can move freely and actively participate. This means: they do not freeze in the cold, but stimulate the blood circulation as well - and thus warm themselves.

Warmer or cooler feet - for whom is this particularly interesting?

Shivery souls

Admittedly, if you're still cold on the hottest day of the year, even toe socks won't help. 

For "normal" cold-footed people, our warm toe socks are worth a look


Even in sub-zero temperatures, your feet are always a little warmer than would be agreeable? 

Stay cool. Try our toe socks made from Coolmax®.

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