Knitido® - We make toe socks.

Dissatisfied with conventional socks

Knitido® was the first company in Japan to produce toe socks. Why? Because we are dissatisfied with normal socks. Sure, they are quick to put on. But anyone who wears normal socks knows: on cold days your feet are too cold, on warm days you sweat. Toes rubbing together collect dirt and moisture. Stuck together in a single chamber, over the years they merge into a sensory unit, leading to malpositions and pain. You can do better.

From the idea to the first toe sock

That was also what Takahiro Idobata thought in the 1970s. Takahiro Idobata. It is true that socks with an extra large toe were known there for the traditional tabi shoes, as they are still worn by Japanese carpenters today. But these were not meant for everyday wear. He stumbled upon the solution in 1974 when he received a pair of toe socks from Spain. a pair of toe socks from Spain fell into his hands. The quality was poor and the manufacturer no longer existed. But from then on, the idea never left him. He made contact with a well-known Japanese knitting machine manufacturer. Together they began to experiment and developed a knitting machine that could knit toe socks.

In 1981, the time had come: Takahiro Idobata founded the company Knitglove. Production initially took place in the company's own garage. The product initially met with rejection from the Japanese. It looked unusual, was apparently very difficult to put on and more expensive than normal socks. Over time, however, the benefits of the strange socks were discovered and a small, enthusiastic following developed that did not want to live without toe socks.

Because toe socks revealed unexpected advantages: Business people reported that toe socks helped them get their foot odour under control and that they no longer attracted unpleasant attention at meetings after work. It is still the custom in many Japanese restaurants to take off the shoes at the entrance. Women who tended to have cold feet, on the other hand,  reported feeling pleasantly warm in toe socks. Not because they were warmer, but because the feet got something to do again. The individually wrapped toes improved foot perception so much so that all toes were involved in the gait again. The foundation of movement came back into order, and this had a positive effect on the whole body.

Knitido® toe socks - This is us today 

In 1998, a new, larger knitting factory was opened in Wakayama and in 2006 Knitglove was renamed into Knitido. 

The brand name Knitido® is composed of the English word to knit (for knitting) and the first part of the family name of the founder. Idobata of the founder's family name and is pronounced "Nittido".

Today, the company is run by the second generation of the Idobata family and produces in Japan with 56 employees under fair working conditions and together with a network of regional companies toe socks for Japan and the whole world. Knitido® has been represented in Germany since 2007 and supplies all of Europe from its location in Berlin.

We work every day to perfect our toe socks. Our goal is to create toe socks that protect the feet as much as possible and restrict them as little as possible, so that they remain healthy into old age and can move around unrestricted and naturally.

Our vision for the future - Knitido Plus®

Our vision is to make toe socks a building block for a healthy, fulfilled and balanced life. Knitido® in Japan is therefore currently transforming itself from a pure toe sock brand to a holistic concept for a balanced lifestyle under the label Knitido Plus®.

Knitido® Japan is therefore opening a trailer garden with a yoga studio, a healthy snack bar and sales of toe socks and wellness products in Kainan, Wakayama Prefecture, as a pilot project in mid-April 2022. Click here to go to the Instagram channel of the Trailer Garden.

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