Reason 2: Finally an end to foot odour.

What causes foot odour?

Foot sweat is not the same as foot odour. Sweat in itself is odourless and is part of a healthy bodily function. Sweat only becomes a problem when it is metabolised by bacteria and fungi in dark, poorly ventilated and damp places.

When moisture gets trapped in an enclosed area and cannot escape, bacteria begin to thrive in a smelly way. But how do toe socks help?

This is how toe socks help against foot odour.

Step 1: Separate the toes.

The place where the most sweat accumulates - and from which it is also the hardest to get away - is between the toes.

Toe socks simply take this place away from germs: they separate the toes, bind the moisture in the fabric and keep the skin in the spaces between the toes hygienically clean.

Step 2: Bind the moisture.

The purpose of sweat is to cool the body - but only if it can evaporate. In conventional socks, for example, the sweat on the toes stays where it is: on the skin. In toe socks, the sweat is absorbed by the fabric of the sock and bound in the fabric. The skin stays dry and the foot can cool down. Then it doesn't need to sweat any more. And so it comes to the final step ...

Step 3: Regulate the temperature.

In toe socks, sweat is allowed to do its work without causing damage: The feet regulate the temperature and do not produce excess sweat. They stay dry, clean and are neither too warm nor too cold.

Toe socks for foot odour
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