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Bunion or colloquially "bunion" is the name given to the clinical picture in which the big toe begins to buckle towards the outside of the foot. In many cases, this results in a painful inflammation of the big toe joint.

The causes are many - but research suggests that shoes that are too tight or "wrong" play the decisive role. They lead to a slackening of muscles and tendons that hold the big toe in place. The result: due to the disturbance in the foundation of the body, it has to compensate via the overlying joints - compensatory postures and movements creep in, so that bunions can be followed, for example, by hip damage, postural damage to the back, tension in the head and neck and even dental damage.

Bunion can be treated by surgery or counteracted non-invasively with assistive devices and therapeutic exercises.

Knitido® focuses on non-invasive, gentle, permanent correction by strengthening the foot in combination with suitable footwear and foot exercises: Knitido® toe socks and compression bands spread the toes slightly and provide relaxation. At the same time, friction between the toes caused by the malposition is prevented. In addition, we recommend support with the proven FXF Taping Loops - for bunions or hammertoes

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