Reason 1: Toe socks protect against blisters.

How blisters develop

Blisters on the foot occur when friction, pressure and moisture get together.

What can you do about it with toe socks?

How toe socks protect from blisters

Step 1: Bind the moisture.

Only one thing helps against humidity: sweating less and regulating the humidity.

That sounds easier said than done. But why do people sweat in the first place? Sweating is the body's reaction to too much heat. The body excretes water in the form of sweat, which then evaporates on the skin. This cools the body - normally.

In closed shoes, however, the sweat does not evaporate and the foot is not cooled. What does the body do in response? It sweats eve more. 

In conventional socks, the sweat on the toes stays where it is: on the skin. In toe socks, the sweat is first absorbed and then bound in the fabric. 

Step 2: Get rid of the friction.

In the case of toe socks, we of course mean friction on the toes. But what is it that actually rubs? In most cases, moist skin rubs against moist skin: toe against toe. In addition, there are corners of toenails, the callus of another toe or sometimes a crumb of sand that gets lost in the shoe.

Toe socks put an end to friction. Each toe gets its own home made of a small fabric sleeve. It acts like a second skin and protects from the friction.

Step 3: Make sure there is less pressure.

This is something you have to take care of yourself. Make sure you wear suitable, comfortable shoes with plenty of space for your toes. Your toes are the fingers of your foot. They need this space to be able to do their job. Treat yourself to barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoes are ideal for your feet - because they offer a lot of space and freedom of movement.

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