Reason 5: Better posture

How do toe socks support your posture?

Feet are the foundation of our body, literally: the entire weight of the body rests on them. No wonder that so many back complaints have their cause in the gait.

The way we walk and stand also depends on how the feet bear the weight - whether actively or passively. How can toe socks influence this?

Step 1: Distribute the load.

Whether a weight is carried at only one point or at several points makes a difference - that almost goes without saying. It is the same with our body and our feet. It makes a difference not only whether you stand on one or two legs - but also whether the foot is loaded at one point or at several.

Just try it yourself: Stand on one leg in shoes and keep your balance (not so easy). Then repeat the exercise barefoot (or in toe socks!), spreading your toes: Now put pressure on not one, but at least three points.

That's exactly why Knitido® knits toe socks: Because our toes have an important, active function.

Step 2: Choose the right shoes.

... and now it's up to you: Train your feet so that the muscles become stronger and stronger. Because the more mobile the toes, the more active their role in carrying your body weight. And the more active the entire foot, the better your posture.

Not only your feet: your knees, back and neck will thank you, too.

Improve posture 

- for whom is this particularly interesting?

Yoga and Pilates practitioners

All yogis and gymnasts are enthusiastic about our own brandKnitido Plus® . The toe socks for Pilates and yoga allow a safe barefoot feeling on the mat and support stability and balance with their anatomically shaped soles.

Barefoot (shoe) runners

Walking barefoot is a really good workout for your feet, but not everyone can (or wants to) do that: that's who our Everyday toe socksare for. Toe training guaranteed, and materials for every season and every cold sensation.

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