Have you ever wondered why Knitido toe socks arrive in plastic packaging? Here we explain the reasons.

Why do your Knitido's actually arrive in plastic packaging?

Knitido Toe socks are produced in our own knitting factory in Wakayama, in Japan, and from there they are sent to Germany every month. There they are sorted in our main warehouse at DHL and a part goes on to Amazon's warehouses. Each of these warehouses has its own storage methods and rules on how the goods should arrive.

So until the toe socks get to your home, it's a relatively long way - and in many places we can't observe the handling in first person.

👉 The plastic packaging of your toe socks should protect them from transport damage and guarantee the quality we promise you.
👉 In addition, socks are a hygiene product, through the plastic packaging this hygiene should be better maintained.

So you can't do without plastic?

Of course, this is not entirely true: it is the most hygienic solution, but we are already looking for a suitable alternative, which is more environmentally friendly and still protects the toe socks.