Silver Protect Sneaker

Antimicrobial short toe socks. Strong against foot odour and infections - right between the toes.


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87% cotton, 12% nylon, 1% elastane
Length: 6 cm (ankle high)
Care instructions:
Machine wash up to 60°C, not suitable for tumble dryer.

Dr. Foot® Silver Protect toe socks - antimicrobial toe socks sneakers for protection at work and in everyday life.

Knitido Dr. Foot Silver Protect® toe socks protect your feet from bacterial and fungal infections and foot odor. Effective due to a safe cotton thread with silver core.

The advantage of toe socks over conventional silver socks and chemical agents: the thread is effective throughout the period of wear, even in places where conventional socks can not reach. Namely, the silver remains in the cotton thread of the sock and becomes effective only through direct contact with the outer shell of the germs, that is, only when it rests on the skin.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Certified antimicrobial effective, e.g. foot and nail fungus and effective against foot odour
  • long-lasting effect
  • Especiallyeffective where conventional socks fail: between the toes
  • Easy and safe to use in everyday life and at work: put it on in the morning and you're good to go.
  • made of 87% cotton, boil-proof, washable up to 60°C

This is how Dr. Foot Silver Protect toe socks work:

The heel, toes and interdigital spaces are particularly susceptible to germs. Therefore, we have incorporated a cotton thread with a silver core at the forefoot and heel. The thread dissolves the outer shell of germs on contact and kills them. 

Especially the spaces between the toes are protected retreats for bacteria and microbes. Favoured by the poor ventilation in the footwear, a warm and humid "greenhouse climate" prevails here with ideal conditions for germs to reproduce.

Toe socks decisivelyimprove the foot climate by widening the spaces between the toes. This change in the microclimate - less temperature and less moisture - worsens the living conditions of harmful germs. The silver thread lying directly on the skin in the gaps can fight the germs locally.

Frequently asked questions

When and by whom are silver toe socks most often used?

  • for the prevention of infections, e.g. after visiting communal showers, public swimming pools, etc.
  • for the prevention and control of foot odour, sweaty feet, cheese feet
  • in work shoes to prevent foot infections and odour
  • in contact with patients whose immune system is weakened or who pose a risk of infection.

Are normal toe socks not enough?

Normal toe socks without silver fibre are already a step towards improving foot health, because they

  • widen the spaces between the toes and ensure a balanced foot climate and poorer conditions for germs
  • Bindsweat from the spaces between the toes in the fabric and thus "dehumidify" them
  • Promote the holistic use of the foot and make the foot more resilient

Toe socks with silver thread have an additional antimicrobial effect by attacking existing germs.

How do silver toe socks differ from conventional socks with silver thread?

Conventional socks enclose the entire foot but do not reach between the toes. As a result, the toes are pressed together and the ventilation and dehumidification of the interdigital spaces deteriorates. This retreat and protective space for microbes is left out by the antimicrobial fabric, so that the effective process is slowed down and a focus for repeated infections remains.

Why is there no silver thread in the material label?

The European Textile Labelling Regulation does not provide for a labelling option for silver threads in material labelling.

How often can I wash my Dr. Foot Silver Protect before they lose their effect?

Tests confirm that even after 200 washes, 99% of the antimicrobial efficacy is still retained.

Is Dr. Foot Silver Protect available in retail stores or pharmacies?

No, so far we distribute our products almost exclusively via online sales.
Are you a retailer and would like to offer your customers our silver products in your pharmacy, foot care practice or specialty store? You can find more information here.

Do you have further questions about this product? Please feel free to contact by phone or email to us.

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Silver Protect Sneaker

black (101) / 35-38
black (101) / 35-38